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Two new tenants for Digital One

Digital One has secured two more radio stations to make the move to the national DAB platform.

Panjab Radio will join BBC Asian Network to become the second national Asian station, whilst UCB joins Premier Christian Radio as a second Christian service.

Panjab currently broadcasts on three local digital multiplexes along with Sky Digital and online, whilst UCB currently uses a number of regional multiplexes to cover major cities in England and Wales.

“This is an extraordinary dream come true”, said Ian Mackie, CEO and founder of UCB UK. “We have had a 23-year old dream and vision to broadcast nationally across the UK and it’s an overwhelming and humbling day to finally see that dream come to fruition”. An on-air announcement is planned for November 2nd.

Panjab Radio has been broadcasting in various forms for almost a decade. Managing Director, Surjit Ghuman told [link=http://media247.co.uk/bizasia/newsarchive/2009/11/exclusive_panja.php]Biz Asia[/link]: "It’s a significant expansion for Panjab Radio which has come a long way since its launch as a satellite station in September 2000, when it was only available on Sky, and in November 2003 in London, West Yorkshire and November 2007 in the West Midlands Panjab Radio was launched on DAB."

Panjab Radio goes nationwide DAB on December 1st.

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