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George Michael turns Radio 2 blue

Chris Evans had to apologise to BBC Radio 2 drive time listeners after George Michael said the F word whilst talking about the television programme Top Gear.

George then tried to cover his mistake by saying he said Fecking instead, after asking if there was a delay in operation.

The two were in conversation on Wednesday afternoon when Chris asked George if he'd ever appear on the Top Gear programme: "You'd love that programme," Chris said.

To which George Michael replied: "Other than the fact that I'd be afraid of coming last on that fucking programme……". Chris then interrupted advising him not to swear, which promoted them both to say sorry.

And just prior to the conversation about Top Gear, the singer was heard clearly saying and getting away with words such as Rat-Arse and Pissed-Off.

In the new year, Chris moves to the breakfast show on Radio 2, taking over from Sir Terry Wogan, who presents his last weekday show on Friday.

The audio has appeared on the Radio Fail website, which can be found by clicking [link=http://radiofail.wordpress.com/2009/12/16/bbc-radio-2-and-george-michael-fail/]here[/link].

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