It's another Absolute stream

There aren't many more ways we can use Absolute Radio to create a good headline, but we'll keep trying.
Our latest refers to the new steams available for listening to the pop and rock station via a computer as they introduce more options.

The national station has launched three new formats – AAC+, which provides a good sound at low bitrates, a new MP3 stream for Quicktime (and Apple devices) and a new OGG-FLAC option, which provides the best quality possible over the internet, but takes up around 1Mbit per second.
On the blog at OneGoldenSquare, the techs write: "FLAC compression is entirely “lossless” which means when it’s decoded on your computer it is exactly the same as it started out. This means you are effectively getting a direct feed from our studio! The downside is it takes a lot of internet connectivity; averaging around 1Mbit/sec so best not to use it if your broadband provider limits your usage. Check first!"
Good advice, and thanks to Absolute for making the extra options available.

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