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Kerrang! backs Rage single

Bauer Media's Kerrang! Radio in Birmingham is supporting the campaign to get Rage Against the Machine’s 1992 single Killing In The Name to number one in the UK Christmas charts.

The single has been a playlist song on the station for a number of years.

“Rock music is back in a big way” said Kerrang! Radio’s Kate Lawler. “It’s the perfect antidote to the current wave of schmaltzy, slushy pop music from X Factor. Rage Against the Machine have always been a part of Kerrang! Radio, with Killing In The Name on our playlist. It’s a classic tune so it’s good to see it back at the top of the chart!”

James Walshe, Programme Director of Kerrang! Radio, says it’s great news for rock: “We’re really surprised how many people have thrown their support behind this. We thought it was just a bit of a laugh but looking at the sales figures, we’re amazed at the strength of feeling in the UK”.

He added: “Cowell and his smug, rich X Factor cronies spend their time humiliating and patronizing wannabe performers on TV so I think this is a nice light-hearted poke at the show and the bland, boring songs that result from it”. The current resurgence of rock music indicates people are a bit tired of being force-fed a diet of pop – which in turn gets churned out on hundreds of generic UK radio stations”.

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