Lancashire DJ sings for charity

A presenter on a Lancashire radio station has written and recorded a special song for charity.
Martin Cooper from 107 The Bee is urging radio stations to play the song, called The Best that I Can Be, to raise awareness of the Make Lancashire Safer Campaign and raise money for charity.

Martin told that he had an idea to create a Band-Aid style single on a local scale: "I wanted to create something that would stand up against other songs being played on the radio. I wanted people to hear it and enjoy it, then want to discover more about it.
"The constant change in vocals makes it obvious that it is a large collaboration and hopefully that will play on people's curiosity to find out more about why it was recorded"
Martin said he didn't want the song to be a cover version of an existing track, have it's own merits, to be listenable and appeal to all ages and lifestyles.
The single is due for release in January but copies are available for airplay from Martin via

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