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Passion for the Planet splits

Digital station Passion for the Planet has teamed up with PURE to promote a new range of digital and internet connected radios.

The digital radio manufacturer will promote Passion's upcoming split programming where every two out of every five hours the interviews on DAB and Online are different.

The DAB text will also direct listeners to DAB or online, depending on their choice of interview and Passion for the Planet’s online web-player will provide links to PURE’s website and products. It's being done to highlight the different platforms available on the AVANTI Flow, EVOKE Flow, Siesta Flow and Sensia.

Colin Crawford, PURE’s director of marketing: “This is typical of Passion for the Planet – they consistently deliver innovative ideas that clearly demonstrate the benefits of PURE’s radios. We’ve been working with them for a number of years and are very pleased with the results. As a DAB and Internet radio station they deliver a tech-savvy audience that responds well to new advances in consumer electronics.”

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