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Rage Against Radio 5 Live

The BBC has apologised Rage Against the Machine swore four times in a live performance of their song Killing In The Name on the 5 Live breakfast show.

This latest outburst follows George Michael swearing on Chris Evans’s show on BBC Radio 2. A spokesman told the BBC website: "We had spoken to the band repeatedly beforehand and they had agreed not to swear."

The band were interviewed in a live link-up with the US this morning, before performing the song. Rage Against The Machine's '90s hit is in the running for the Christmas number one after a group was set up on website Facebook urging people to buy it.

Guitarist Tom Morello said the internet campaign, "tapped into the silent majority of the people in the UK who are tired of being spoon-fed one schmaltzy ballad after another.

"We are honoured they've chosen our song to be the rebel anthem to try to topple the X Factor monopoly."

Listen [link=http://radiofail.wordpress.com/2009/12/17/rage-against-the-machine-sweary-breakfast-fail/]here[/link].

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