Sainsbury's helps Amazing Radio

National DAB station Amazing Radio has secured the support of Sainsbury's.
The supermarket chain will work with the station by helping their own local charities benefit from Amazing Radio's free advertising offer.

The station is donating all potential advertising to registered charities throughout the Christmas period, and the scheme has kicked off with a commercial to help those affected by the floods in the North West – Cumbrian Flood Relief.
The offer will run throughout December and end on 12th Night (6th January). As well as broadcasting existing charity adverts, Amazing will make commercials free of charge for smaller organisations.
Amazing founder Paul Campbell said “We always thought this was a good idea, but we never imagined it would prove so popular, so quickly. We’re stunned by the response, and really enjoying talking to people who are so passionate about the cause they support. Now, with the assistance of Sainsbury’s, we can ensure even more worthy causes will benefit”.

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