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Scott Mills releases iPhone App

BBC Radio 1 presenter Scott Mills has become the first mainstream radio host to launch his own iPhone App.

Scott Mills Flirt Doctor, which is now available, offers chat up lines to iPhone owners struggling in the dating department.

Scott is hoping the app, priced at 59p, will be a hit over Christmas. Users just need to shake their device for a new piece of audio – similar to the Ask the Hoff app recently [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/news.php?extend.5268]released[/link] by former BBC producer Paul Smith.

He says: "I thought it was time to give some flirting advice on my very own App. Well, even the Hoff has one so why can’t I? I hope it helps you out in a tricky situation when you might need a little push to chat someone up over Christmas and New Year.

"Find the line that suits your situation and sense of humour… and good luck! I hope you get lucky one way or another."

You can find the App by searching for Scott Mills in the Apple Store.

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