Bauer in breach of Ofcom code

Wave 105’s Breakfast show has been found in breach of the broadcasting code.

Steve Power at Breakfast broke rule 10.2 of the Code after broadcasting a live read for a Southampton shopping centre, in which the presenter promoted a local event but didn’t stick exactly to the “live read” script.

The rule states: “Broadcasters must ensure that the advertising and programme elements of a service are kept separate.” On this occasion, the live read was made with only a reference to the artist and title separating it from the programming, therefore not making it clear that it was paid for content.

Bauer admitted that on this occasion, this had happened, adding that “in the presenter’s enthusiasm to talk up this local event he strayed a little from the script and as a result failed to separate it from programming with the use of a jingle.”

They also told the regulator that live presenter-read advertisements were generally placed in commercial breaks and “separated from programming using a jingle”. Adding that, to avoid recurrence, all presenters had been reminded of this procedure and “not to veer from the commercial scripts.”

Ofcom welcomed Bauer's actions to remind presenters of their procedure to ensure transparency between programming and paid-for spot advertisements.

A full transcript of the link is as below:

POWER: “’To Love Again’ from Alesha Dixon. Now, if you get down to West Quay between now and Christmas Eve you can see the massive advent calendar that they’ve got. It’s 8 metres by 2 metres – that’s huge. Don’t know what size chocolates you need for that, to fit in under the doors”

CO-PRESENTER: “Cor, big ones though, nice”

POWER: “And if you head down and register your details you’ll be entered into a daily draw to win a different prize that will be behind a different calendar door. Today, go to see if Nandos – you can win free meals for four…”

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