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Bauer to offer iTunes tagging

As the Kiss Kube sails through a download landmark, Bauer London has announced they will now offer iTunes tagging.

Kiss and Magic will be among the first radio stations in Europe to offer the service on iPod's with built-in FM radios.

Listeners in the capital will be able to see recieve 'Now Playing' information on compatible iPod screens. If they like what they hear and want to add it to their own music collection, the song can be 'tagged' for download when the device is next plugged in to iTunes.

Absolute Radio was the first European radio station to take up iTunes tagging, Kiss and Magic now join them as the only stations in the UK to provide the service.

The announcement comes as Bauer reveal the Kiss Kube has broken through the 100,000 download barrier. The free iPhone application allows you to listen live to your nearest station, play back other parts of the schedule, hear programming highlights and stay up-to-date with the latest news, offers and competitions.

The Kube also offers 'background listening', which allows listeners to use the iPhone's other functions as you continue to listen.

Commenting on both of the announcements, Steve Parkinson, MD of London Radio said the two stations have "evolved their listener offering to reflect the way music is consumed in 2010. The success of the KISS KUBE is a fantastic achievement for Kiss – both testament to the fantastic programming on offer and the loyalty for our listeners.

We are proud to be at the forefront of iTagging development which supports our strategy for keeping our London listeners tuned-in wherever they are and whenever they want us.”

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