BRMB hires and fires Binns

Tom Binns has made a shorter than expected return to his former station BRMB after fading out the Queen's Speech on Christmas Day then calling it boring.

He was covering afternoons over the holidays but didn't expect his visit to be his last of what would have been the start of a new contract with the station.

The Ivan Brackenbury creator said the Queen's Speech was never meant to be on-air in the first place, so he cut her off mid-speech and said "Two words: Bor-ing." Tom told us: "Radio stations should have a duty of care to their creative talent but because they've had there balls cut off by the regulator they have to pander to a narrow minded minority."

Two listeners complained, not only at the comments but at some futher jokes which included calling George Michael a Queen.

David Lloyd, Orion Media Group programme and marketing director told "On Christmas Day, one of our presenters, Tom Binns, made some inappropriate comments surrounding the Queen's speech. We do not condone what he said in any way; whether said in jest or not. We are making contact with the small number of listeners who were offended by Tom’s comments and have complained to us to convey our apologies, and have also apologised on air. Tom was a freelance presenter, hosting shows for us on a show by show basis, but will now not be featuring again on our radio stations."

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[b]Read Radio Today's interview with Tom and hear his side of the story [link=]HERE.[/link][/b]

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