BRMB lobbied over sacking

Pressure group Republic, which lobbies for the abolition of the monarchy, is petitioning BRMB to reinstate 'Ivan Brackenbury' creator Tom Binns after he criticised the Queen’s Christmas Address.

Binns was ousted by BRMB management after cutting the annual Christmas Day message with the phrase; “Two words, bor-ing.” In response, Republic have written to the station demanding Binns be allowed back on air.

Republic spokesman Graham Smith said: “It is vital that we can engage in a free and open debate about the monarchy, including through humour, which may at times cause offence to those who support the monarchy.”

BRMB Programme Director David Lloyd said Binns had misjudged the situation and “made inappropriate comments surrounding the Queen's speech”.

[b]Read Radio Today's interview with Tom and hear his side of the story [link=]HERE.[/link][/b]

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