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Penk slams BBC, promotes self

Steve Penk has slammed the BBC for what he claims is excessive and gratuitous promotion of the new Radio 2 Breakfast Show.

Penk said: “Chris Evans is a former colleague and an old friend of mine and I wish him well”.

Though, he might not mean it as he added: “But, as a licence payer I am quite appalled at the sheer scale of this unfair cross promotion.”

So inflamed was the former Virgin and Capital presenter that he’s written to the BBC Trust expressing his concerns, urging them to investigate the matter with senior BBC executives who he must assume has as much free time as he does.

In summation he writes: “As the sole owner of a small commercial radio business which has been hit hard by the economic downturn I was sickened to the stomach by this wilful misuse of Licence money and clear breach of BBC Trust codes”.

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