Pirate FM winner complains

A winner to a competition on Pirate FM made a complaint to Ofcom that the prize they won wasn't worth the amount the station claimed.

The station was giving away bracelets apparently worth £100 throughout a particular weekend, but it was revealed half way through the promotion that they were actually worth £42.

The listener, who found out the true worth of the prize upon collection, decided to contact the regulator to vent their dissatisfaction at the £100 price tag the prize was supposed to carry.

Pirate FM told Ofcom that the information regarding the value of the bracelets was originally supplied by the manufacturer’s advertising agency. "This was aired in two presenter ‘reads’, in good faith. On hearing the presenter’s promotion, the manufacturer contacted the station to advise that it contained an inaccurate valuation of the prize," the UKRD station said.

The broadcaster said that it immediately amended all ‘reads’ relating to this competition so that they contained the correct retail price, and acknowledged that insufficient checks had been made to verify the accuracy of the prize description.

Ofcom was happy at the swift action taken by the station to ensure listeners were not misled in subsequent stages of the competition.

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