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Reggie cleared for Radio 1 swearing

A slight slip of the tongue by Reggie Yates on the Radio 1 Chart Show last year resulted in two complaints to Ofcom.

The complaints were generated after the presenter accidentally said sh*t on-air, but the regulator didn't find it serious enough to find the station In Breach.

Filed in the "Offensive Language" category, Ofcom cleared Reggie for saying: "We've got sh*t loads … " but immediately stopped himself and apologised repeatedly.

It happened on during an interview on the chart show on Sunday November 8th 2009. You can hear the audio on the RadioFail website by clicking [link=http://radiofail.wordpress.com/2009/11/09/radio-1-chart-show-fail/]here[/link].

Ofcom has also cleared Chris Moyles for three complaints regarding three seperate incidents within two days – all for "Generally Accepted Standards" on the 23rd and 24th November. (Anyone remember what they were?)

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