Signal helps namesake in Haiti

Signal 1 and Signal 2 are teaming up with Signal FM in Haiti to broadcast daily reports from the Caribbean nation.

From Thursday the Stoke-on-Trent based stations will broadcast daily 60-second reports on the aid effort and situation on the ground.

On the unique partnership, Signal 1 and Signal 2 programme director, Chris Buckley, said: “The devastation the quake brought to Haiti is almost beyond words. As well as the stations running the DEC appeal, we felt there had to be something more we could do.

“I hope that the updates, compiled by people no different to us who work in local radio, but who have to report and broadcast from a place where once stood their homes, only ruins and rubble exist, will bring a real insight in to what’s really happening in Haiti.

“I really hope the updates can keep this disaster at the front of peoples’ minds and encourage them to keep giving.”

Signal FM was the only Haitian radio station that remained on air after the quake hit on 12th January, with station manager Mario Viau describing it as ‘a miracle’ that the station’s antennae did not fall down. Since then, Signal FM’s broadcasts have proved to be a lifeline for desperate Haitians’ eager to know the whereabouts of loved ones and get information about the aid effort.

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