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Stern says Penk should be fired

News of Steve Penk playing Van Halen's Jump for a woman who jumped off a motorway bridge in Greater Manchester has reached the Howard Stern Show.

Howard discussed the event on his SIRIUS Satellite Radio programme, and concluded by saying he should be fired for being Lame.

Steve hit the online and newspaper [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/news.php?extend.5540]headlines[/link] in the UK earlier this week when a listener called in to hear Jump, and wanted it playing for the woman who held traffic up for hours on the M60.

He says he had no regrets, commenting that the actions of one troubled woman had caused chaos in the area. He went on to say "I was very sorry to hear that the lady had subsequently jumped from the bridge but relieved that her injuries were minor."

"If, as has been suggested, the woman jumped because she heard it from a passing car radio that's unfortunate. But I don't regret playing it for a minute".

Howard Stern discussed the topic on-air, and said the stunt was pathetic: "He should be fired for being lame – but he's the boss so who can fire him?"

Listen to the audio of Howard Stern [link=http://twaud.io/0vv]here[/link].

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