AUDIO: Capital Breakfast Blunder

Audio from Capital FM's breakfast show has been travelling around the radio industry today as everyone from management to volunteers learn how not to open a top-rated breakfast show.

It was just after 6am when Johnny Vaughan's guest co-presenter Jodie Kidd forgot she might have a live microphone in front of her when she told London exactly where to go.

Jodie, standing in for Lisa Snowdon, attempted to say good morning but could only manage a "f*ck off" instead.

The rest of the opening bed played till the end sing, and after the first song Johnny couldn't apologise enough for words which shouldn't have been broadcast.

"We had a technical problem in which some microphones were up and down. You heard something on air you shouldn't have done, for that we are profoundly sorry. Let's roll on with the show, good morning London!"

Global Radio, unable to deny the event thanks to a recording on the [link=]radiofail[/link] website, said: "During the live 95.8 Capital FM breakfast show this morning Jodie Kidd was heard swearing, believing her microphone to be switched off at the time. This was followed by an apology on air from Johnny Vaughan. The station apologises for any offence caused to listeners."

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