RadioDNS officially launched

A new technology which allows internet-connected radio sets to gather information from terrestrial broadcasts has enjoyed its official launch.

RadioDNS, which is supported by many broadcasters around the world, is hoping more broadcasters will become involved.

In simple terms, RadioDNS will enable a radio (with internet capability) to work out which station you are listening to over the air, and match that with the station's website and public information such as Now Playing and display it on screen.

The PURE Sensia already uses RadioDNS to display visuals when you listen to stations like Absolute, Heart and NME; and uses technology similar to RadioDNS to display station logos.

We asked radio guru James Cridland what it means for the SD and PD:

"For the Sales Director, RadioDNS might enable something like tagging – a way for you to hit a button on your radio, and be able to get more information on the advertiser (or song) you've just heard. Listening to an ad for a pizza company? Hit the tag button and be sent a voucher for a half-price meal. This is additional, chargeable, functionality – and adds tremendous value to radio advertising.

"For the Programme Director, RadioDNS enables ways to reinforce the radio station name through visuals: big, full-colour pictures that appear on your radio. Tagging might enable ways to subscribe to podcasts and other ways to enhance interaction with your radio station and therefore boost your RAJAR figures. Access to a programme guide might make sure your listeners don't forget to listen to your station over weekends, increasing your hours."

There's lots more details about RadioDNS [link=]online[/link] – including a five minute video that explains more and ways to get involved.

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