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Steve Penk becomes a Rev-erend

Revolution owner and breakfast presenter Steve Penk has become a member of the clergy.

He was ordained by Brother Martin into the ministry of the Universal Life Church, and is aiming to become the first radio presenter to marry people live on-air.

The Revolution (based in an old pub/club) has already started hosting weddings in its function room. Steve says that now he’s been ordained it’s all systems go: "I didn’t have time to waste taking the traditional route to ordination, so I fast tracked it and got my licence through late last week. Now I’m inviting couples to come forward for me to officiate on their special day”, says Steve.

There have been expressions of disapproval by local clergy but Steve is adamant that this allegiance to the Universal Life Church is genuine and, when asked about his credentials, he points to the Disciples of Christ as being “nothing but ordinary guys with everyday jobs – like fishermen”.

He is about to appeal during his show for the first for the first lucky couples.

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