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BBC confirms closure threat

Director General of the BBC, Mark Thompson, has confirmed that BBC 6 Music and the Asian Network are facing closure.

Staff were also told that 25 percent less will be spent on BBC online by 2013 and that 90p of every licence fee pound will be spent on programming.

The BBC is also going to close youth orientated services Switch and Blast, as Mr Thompson admits that Channel 4 should be chasing these audiences.

Thompson told The Guardian: "The proposed changes we are announcing today are not a piece of politics … it is also not a blueprint for a small BBC, or a BBC that is in retreat from digital.”

He continued to say: “The BBC should not attempt to do everything. It must listen to legitimate concerns from commercial media players more carefully than it has in the past, and act sooner to meet them. It needs the confidence and clarity to stop as well as to start doing things."

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