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Binns nominated for Comedy Award

Being fired from BRMB in January has enabled presenter turned comedian Tom Binns to appear at the Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival, where he has been nominated for Best Established Comedian.

He's been there doing his popular hospital radio character Ivan Brackenbury.

The festival, which ended yesterday, saw him appear daily over the last few weeks, and has received rave reviews in Australia.

Previous reviews included "Comedy Genius…THE funniest show at the fringe" by Dominic Maxwell, The Times and "laughs per minute THE funniest show at the Fringe" by Tim Aurthur, Time Out Magazine.

Tom hit the [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/news.php?extend.5490]headlines[/link] in the UK and around the world for his Christmas Day show on BRMB in which he called the Queen's Speech boring.

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