Broadcast Bionics goes on tour

The team at Bionics are taking their radio products on tour, with stops in London (today), Birmingham (18th March) and Edinburgh (17/18 May).

The roadshow is reaction to the demise of the SBES show, where companies such as Bionics could show off their latest products and services.

In addition to the three locations, the company has been asked to provide dedicated sessions at stations around the country with groups such as BBC, Global Radio, UTV and Lincs FM.

Attendees at the Roadshow will see the latest version of PhoneBOX, Anywhere (Bionics’s web communications device), Axia, the beta version of Genesys 2 playout, Wide Orbit Automation for radio, and the latest addition to the Bionics portfolio – Music Master scheduling. Bionics is also offering a little hospitality so there’s a chance to have a bit of a catch up with industry friends over a beer or two.

Kirsten Smith, Business Development Manager commented:

“There’s no point sitting around lamenting the fact that we no longer have an exhibition to show off our products at. We’re really missing valuable contact time with our clients and it’s up to us to get out and do something about it. It’s just as important for us to show off our latest range of technology to our clients as to find out what their current demands are of it.

"We trialled our focus group idea at Global Radio’s Leicester Square HQ in London before Christmas and it was a huge success. Each group contained a small number of people from production and engineering, which led to some very interesting discussions indeed!”

[]Email[/link] Bionics for more details and to book a place or call 07970 880124 to see if you can attend today's session in London.

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