Capital rejects Northern accent?

Comedian Jason Manford has claimed he was turned down from a job at Capital FM for being too Northern.

He says Richard Park told his audition to cover Johnny Vaughan wasn't successful because they didn't want a Northerner.

But Global Radio have responded to the claims, which Jason tweeted, by saying: "Richard Park has never met, spoken to or was even aware that Jason Manford auditioned at 95.8 Capital FM

"Jason didn’t get the position, because there were better candidates, not because of where he is from. 95.8 Capital FM employs people from all over the UK including presenters such as Dave Kelly from Northampton, Kevin Hughes from Cardiff, Johnny Vaughan from London and Rich Clarke from Worcester."

Jason put on his twitter account: "Did test for Capital Radio to fill in for Johnny Vaughan in a few weeks.

“Just had a call to say Richard Park thinks I'm 'too Northern' for it.”

But after the story [link=]appeared[/link] in the Manchester Evening News, he said: "Twitter disclaimer. Some things I tweet may or may not be true. Sometimes I may make things up, you know for a laugh like!"

Jason has secured some cover work though, he'll be on for Danny Baker on 5Live, Saturday 20th March from 9am till 11am.

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