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Christian gets his life streamed

Absolute Radio has taken the best bits of the breakfast show with Christian O'Connell and made it all available via a new breakfast show home page.

The lifestream, as it has been called, displays Christian's tweets, and video, photo and audio content too.

A blog post on [link=http://onegoldensquare.com/2010/03/get-a-lifestream-by-martyn-lee/]One Golden Square[/link] explains how the station is proud of the new page: "One of the impressive things about working here is the confidence you have to ask for something which makes us better, even if you know it’s going to dump a load of work on someone and cause the boss to open his wallet.

"Which is exactly what happened late last year and, after an incredibly short gestation period, our baby is finally born."

See the page [link=http://www.absoluteradio.co.uk/onair/breakfast/]here[/link].

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