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iPhone users love Traffic Radio

Proving once again that the future of radio is multiplatform, comes news of Traffic Radio's audience boost thanks to the iPhone app.

Online listening to the station has increased more than 500 per cent in some areas since its smart phone launch last month.

Highways Agency director of traffic management Simon Sheldon says: “Our aim is to help road users plan their journeys by making our live data as widely available as we can. We particularly want the information to be available when and where it is most useful.

“By giving people the tools to check where the motorways and major A-roads are flowing freely, we can all help reduce congestion and lower carbon emissions.”

The phone’s GPS positioning automatically selects one of six regional feeds of the Traffic Radio service. This can then be listened to in the background while the user checks other information, either on the Highways Agency app or elsewhere.

All data used for the iPhone app is the same as that used for the Highways Agency website that can be accessed from other mobile phones. This ensures that the online traffic information is consistent across the variety of platforms.

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