Ofcom overlooks Format breach

Ofcom has decided not to take any regulatory action after Club Asia breached their licence requirements.

The station entered into administration in August 2009. Following this, the station ceased to broadcast its regular output and replaced it with continuous music.

The ‘full service’ licence for London Asians requires local news bulletins at least once hour during peak times as part of their Format. After an investigation by Ofcom, administrators acting on behalf of Club Asia confirmed that the station was “currently operating at a reduced service” and temporarily in breach of its licence.

Plans were unveiled to sell the licence to a new company called Buzz Asia Ltd, who were keen to re-launch the station and return it to Format compliance as soon as possible – something that can only happen if Ofcom agree the potential new licensee would be in a position to comply with all of the conditions of the licence until its expiry.

Once Ofcom was satisfied with the new owners, Club Asia was re-launched as Buzz Asia in October 2009 with the station returning to full compliance of Format requirements.

Ofcom formally recorded this breach against Club Asia but decided that because went into liquidation and no longer held the licence, it would not be appropriate to take further action. However, further regulatory matters concerning the company and those associated with Club Asia may be taken into account.

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