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Chris Moyles gets SIRIUS help

As the ash from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland continues to have an effect on radio programmes across the UK, with some presenters stuck abroad.

But Chris Moyles has pulled in a favour from SIRIUS Satellite Radio so he can return to his Radio 1 Breakfast Show on Tuesday morning, by broadcasting from New York.

Moyles told PA: "It's brilliant. I'm so pleased I can get on the air. I'll have to sleep in the evening, then get up at midnight and be on air 1:30am New York time – but it'll be worth it and very exciting.''

Steve Wright also missed his return to Radio 2 this week, with Richard Allinson covering for him, probably for the rest of the week, and Mark Radcliffe will be hosting his show on the national station tonight without co-presenter Stuart Maconie who is making his way back from Venice by land.

Alex Dyke has been called in to cover for BBC Solent's John Cuthill, who should be on-air from 9:30am till 1pm, and James Cridland was expected to be back on Tuesday after his visit to the NAB Show in Vegas, to start his new job on Wednesday.

Elsewhere, talkSPORT's Adrian Durham is reportedly stuck in New York and missed Saturday's Match Day Live programme, and Colin Kelly is in Orlando, [link=http://twitter.com/colinkelly/status/12360929761]tweeting[/link] that he's trying to find a radio studio to broadcast his daily Clyde 1 mid-morning show back to Scotland on Monday.

Andy Jackson – Wave 105's evening show presenter is also unable to return to the air after his visit to Spain was extended at short notice, and Jo Good, who was meant to be covering for Chris Hawkins on 6 Music early breakfast this week, is [link=http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/forums/showpost.php?p=39707696&postcount=7]apparently[/link] stuck in Africa. Real Radio Scotland's breakfast show presenter Robin Galloway is also enjoying extra days off, due to no flights available from Dubai.

At BBC Radio 1, Scott Mills has [link=http://twitter.com/scott_mills/status/12359321735]announced[/link] he will be extending his cover of the Chris Moyles show, taking him into his third week of cover. It was announced on Sunday evening that Chris Moyles will be hosting Tuesday's show from New York, with most of the team in London.

Word has it that Absolute Radio's Clive Dickens is also stuck in Sydney to, and Mark Watson from kestrel FM stuck in Lanzarote.

It works both ways too, with radio people from other countries stuck in the UK or Europe – such as Strategic Radio Solutions' Hal Rood who was visiting clients in Europe is unable to get home to America. MSNBC in the States have even asked him to blog about his adventues, which you can read about [link=http://halrood.newsvine.com]here[/link].

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