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Format change at Radio Plymouth

Newly-launched Radio Plymouth has had a Format change approved by Ofcom.

The request brings the station into line with other stations of its size, by reducing the amount of live programmes required from 16 hours per day to 10.

Since writing the application, and launching the station, Ofcom had relaxed the rules on local live programming. The original proposal to provide 16 hours a day, says Station Manager Tim Manns, was based on a different economic and regulatory background.

"We are of the view that the changes that are requested would be consistent with the statutory obligations to ensure fair and effective competition in the services provided. To do otherwise would place Radio Plymouth at a disadvantage to its competitors by placing cost obligations on it that were not placed on other services."

The change of Format means the evening show will now be voice-tracked rather than live, but still produced locally.

Ofcom said: "This request is unusual in that the station launched only recently.

"In this case, we regard the proposed change – to cut the number of daytime hours broadcast live from 16 to 10 – as a move that would not substantially alter the character of service as content will not undergo a big change."

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