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Hertbeat’s children’s book

Hertbeat presenter Steve Folland has released a children’s book about what goes on in a radio studio.

It’s called ‘Dear Mr DJ…’ and it’s been released to raise money for Keech Cottage Children's Hospice. Illustrations are provided by one of Hertbeat’s listeners.

The book is a story of a letter from a young listener to a DJ asking what happens while the songs are playing, which includes surreal situations such as penguins dancing in the studio and monkey butlers.

Steve told Radio Today: “It gets quite odd … but to be fair the bit about tea and biscuits is true to all presenters – and as it happens the bit about nuns in a boat and leotards happens to be true for me… worryingly.”

Illustrations have been provided by a Hertbeat Russian podcast listener called Lana and it's been published by Stevenage's Badger Publishing. See the video below from the publishers to promote the book, which gives you an idea of how it looks.

The book is available from the Hertbeat studios or at their website.

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