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Olympic RSLs to go DAB only

Ofcom has invited preliminary expressions of interest for anyone who wants to run an short-term radio station covering the the London 2012 Games.

But because of lack of space on the FM band, all services will only be availabe on DAB Digital Radio, or AM.

And whilst a restricted service licence is usually given on a first come first served basis, Ofcom said it may decide between the applications by drawing lots.

"These 'preliminary expressions of interest' will help Ofcom both gauge the level of demand for radio services during this period and will inform the design of any possible licensing process, should this be implemented," the regulator said.

The digital broadcasting team at Folder Media have been working with a number of partners on ideas for a raft of digital services to broadcasting across the capital during both the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

"It's obviously a complicated idea to develop – there are lots of organising committee and organisations that one has to deal with. But we are really pleased with Ofcom’s announcement." said Gregory Watson on the Folder Media [link=http://www.foldermedia.co.uk/2010/04/olympic-2012-a-london-digital-broadcasting-opportunity/]website[/link].

The closing-date for the submission of preliminary expressions of interest is 29 April 2010.

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