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Pennine FM closes.. again

Huddersfield's local station Pennine FM has closed down for the final time, with the licence being handed back to Ofcom.

The last programme was presented by Programme Controller Jonathan Gold from 6pm till 10pm Monday night. He announced the station was closing during the show.

The station started life as Huddersfield FM just over 10 years ago, and re-launched as The New Pennine FM in February 2008, but effectively closed down in April 2009 and re-launched a month later.

The station was originally part-owned by Minster Radio, and bought by Radio Investments, (later known as The Local Radio Company), in 1999/2000 and re-named Home 107.9.

It seems this is the last chance for the station, with the transmitter being turned off within minutes of the last song, Tasmin Archer's Sleeping Satellite, being played.

RadioToday.co.uk is awaiting officially comment from the station regarding the decision to close the station.

[b]NB. Pennine FM is not connected with Pennine Radio, which originally launched in 1975 and re-branded as The Pulse in 1991.[/b]

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