Presenter Perry lived in a box

Signal 1 breakfast presenter Perry Spiller, who locked himself in a box in his local Asda store entrance vowing not to come out until he’d raised £10,000 for charity, has finally emerged from his self-imposed incarceration.

Perry entered the box at 10:30am on Saturday 27th March with nothing but the clothes on his back and remained confined in the 3m x 4m space knowing he would only be freed when he'd reached his target of raising £10,000 for the station’s Help A Signal Child foundation.

Spiller relied on the generosity of Stoke residents for food and water, with Asda shoppers leaving food parcels at the door, which he was able to collect every four hours – when he was allowed out for his 15-minute ‘bathroom breaks.’

During his confinement Spiller was visited by a number of unusual guests including a penguin called Kentucky whose home is Blackbrook Zoo and four transvestites.

Spiller finally emerged from his box on Saturday 3rd April having spent seven days in solitary. In doing so, he smashed his £10,000 target – raising over £13,000 for Help a Signal Child.

Signal Radio programme controller Chris Buckley was amazed at the generosity of the residents of Stoke, saying: “I could not believe the generosity of our listeners who were happy to put £20 notes in the collection buckets anonymously during these harsh economic times.”

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