Bad timing for 2FM hand-over

Just hours before Irish broadcaster Gerry Ryan was found dead at home, his colleagues on-air at 2FM were discussing the reasons why he might be AWOL.

Gerry's stand-in presenter Fiona Looney told breakfast hosts Colm and Jim Jim she presumed Gerry had died after being asked to cover his show.

"Are you ready for the show?" Fiona was asked.

"Not really because I got a call at ten to seven this morning, and I always presume somebody's died… and then I presumed Gerry had died because the phone call was from his producer," she replied.

Fiona then went on to say, just hours before he was found in his Dublin apartment, "but he isn't totally dead, he's hanging on".

The unfortunate conversation took place on the [link=]day[/link] Gerry failed to appear at work, and a colleague found his body. Police said foul play was not suspected but an investigation was under way.

A copy of the link has been posted on [link=]RadioFail[/link].

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