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Changes afoot for Q1 RAJAR

Listening figures for UK commercial and BBC radio stations will be released to subscribers this afternoon, covering the period quarter 1, 2010.

And in a temporary change to previous embargoes, the data will now become public at midnight tonight rather than 7am tomorrow.

In light of the new timings, RadioToday.co.uk is launching its first live interactive RAJAR blog – night owls can join us at midnight on the homepage to discuss the results as they become clear who's got what.

Two questions have also changed on the question sheet given to participants – RAJAR will no longer ask about Station Awareness or Choice of Listening.

Other changes this quarter include name changes for Alpha 103.2 and Durham FM to Star, Lite FM to Connect FM, Original 106 to Jack and a handful of Heart (was Radio Broadland etc) to just Heart followed by the frequency and/or area. Jack FM Oxford and FM107.9 have also increased their TSA by over 80,000 people.

Stations not reporting include Brunel FM, Bath FM, 3TR and QuayWest FM (mainly because they are no longer on-air), and Absolute Radio Xtreme.

The change in public release time is at a request of newspaper who wish to carry the stories in morning editions.

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