Mansfield 103.2 go S2Blue

A new sound can be heard on Mansfield 103.2, created by S2Blue.

The Nottinghamshire station has commissioned a new custom jingles package from the company, and features elements for news, sport, travel, weather and top of hour.

Ian Watkins, Managing Editor of Mansfield 103.2 said: “S2blue has provided us with a fresh new contemporary sound to be proud of. The team went to great lengths to provide us with an awesome custom imaging package which immediately enhanced the station’s sound.

"The whole creative process from original ideas to the finished product was not only seamless but also lots of fun to be involved in.”

Simon Prentice, Managing Director of S2blue commented: “Over the past few months we’ve been working on a number of custom packages featuring our ‘new sound’ – with contemporary beds and fresh solo vocals. So we were really pleased when we were commissioned to produce new imaging for Mansfield 103.2.

"We collaborated with composer Lee Turner and worked with new singers on the package – I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out.”

Listen to the package and see pictures from the session here.

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