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Mark Damazer answers faults

BBC Radio 4 controller Mark Damazer admits frustrating mistakes have been recently with its output.

Speaking to the stations feedback show, he answered to a string of on-air errors on a number of different shows, saying that they were down to technical errors and human error – not budget cuts.

The latest technical glitch was ten days ago during phone-in show ‘Dimbleby’s Any Answers’. Callers were unable to hear the station or talk to Dimbleby, according to the shows producer, Alice Feinstein.

Back in March, the wrong shipping forecast was read out just days after an old edition of ironically named ‘The Now Show’ was broadcast again.

Damazer said: "I grant you it's been a very poor period for the professional way in which we normally play out Radio 4. … We have fallen below our very high standards. I have looked into all of them and they are all strangely independent from one another. They have been very frustrating."

The Radio 4 controller leaves the BBC in October to take up a post as the head of St Peter’s College at Oxford University.

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