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Radio Amnesty wants scrappage

In a bid to boost sales of DAB digital radio sets, the BBC, commercial radio and Digital Radio UK will introduce Radio Amnesty.

The month long scheme will offer a discount on a new DAB radio set to anyone who takes an FM radio set to be recycled or reconditioned for kids in Africa.

Participating retailers include Argos, Comet, John Lewis, Tesco and leading independent stores and is valid for discounts offered on selected models from Alba, Bush, MagicBox, Panasonic, Philips, Proline, PURE, Roberts and Sony.

Radio Today presumes all new DAB sets available as part of the scheme will include the ability to listen to FM, but this is not confirmed. Reports suggest customers will be offered a 20 per cent discount if they hand over an analogue set.

The portable analogue radios collected during the Amnesty will be reconditioned by RadioFix and sent to Southern Africa to support projects set up by the Children’s Radio Foundation and UNICEF, where they will support the personal and intellectual development of children through giving them access to radio programmes for children. Radios which are beyond repair will be recycled.

Tim Davie, Director of Audio and Music, BBC, said: "This is a great example of how the whole radio industry can work together to drive digital uptake – and help a good cause in the process. The Radio Amnesty is particularly powerful for 5 live sports extra, which offers an incredible range of exclusive digital content over the summer, including the World Cup, test cricket and Wimbledon."

The scheme will run from 22nd May to 26th June 2010 and wil be advertised on commercial radio and the BBC, voiced by Stephen Fry, Gaby Roslin and Noddy Holder.

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