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Why Foxy really left Capital

Neil Fox has revealed that he left Capital FM to join Magic 105.4 because Capital “wasn’t the station it had once been”.

He says that he was also keen to work for Richard Park and Andria Vidler again, and that beating Capital in the ratings was a natural consequence.

Speaking to Radio Today’s weekly newsletter eRADIO, Foxy says he left because Capital was going downhill.

The DJ also revealed that he still loves his nickname of Doctor Fox. “It’s a part of who I am… only my mum calls me Neil”, he says. “The rumours that it annoyed me came from a memo that was sent out by the Programming Controller at Capital… But it was nothing to do with me – I rather like it.”

In the interview, the former Pepsi Chart presenter also shares his thoughts on the relevance of chart shows in the download era, and which other breakfast show he admires.

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