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WM host says the Queen has died

BBC WM's afternoon presenter Danny Kelly has found himself in the spotlight after announcing in-correctly that Queen Elizabeth II has died.

During his programme, he said he had an important announcement, played the national anthem and made the ultimate radiofail.

His producer Mark Newman then interrupted by reminding Danny "You can't say that!" But he then clarified that he was talking about a Facebook user who shares the same name.

A BBC spokesman told the [link=http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/7734304/BBC-radio-DJ-criticised-for-joking-that-the-Queen-had-died.html?]Telegraph[/link]: "We can confirm that Danny Kelly made an inappropriate remark about the Queen during his show on BBC WM.

"Although made as part of a light-hearted piece about social media friends, and corrected on air immediately after it was made, this comment was entirely inappropriate and the BBC apologises unreservedly for it.

"There was no intention to offend. BBC WM takes these comments very seriously. Action is being taken."

Do you have a copy of the audio? We're sure the guys over at [link=http://radiofail.co.uk]Radiofail[/link] would love a copy.

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