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£90k Bonus for GMG Radio boss

The Guardian Media Group has announced its Annual Report and Accounts for 2010.

The figures show GMG Radio chief executive Stuart Taylor taking a £90k bonus on top of his £245k a year salary, despite staff pay being frozen across the company.

And despite the recession, the radio group grew its share of revenues and posting an operating profit before exceptional items and amortisation of intangibles of £0.6 million, compared with a £6.6 million loss the previous year.

However, assets across the Real Radio, Smooth Radio and Rock Radio brands lost value to the tune of £63.9 million.

Outgoing GMG chief executive Carolyn McCall also took home a large bonus – with £143,000 of her £658,000 pay coming from a performance-related bonus, even though the company posted losses of £171m for its financial year to March 2010.

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