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More documentaries for Radio 1

BBC Radio 1 is to broadcast three new documentaries that tackle issues currently facing young people in the UK.

Topics include the pitfalls of social networking and about young troops returning to life in the UK following service in Afghanistan.

The first two 20-minute documentaries will be broadcast within The Surgery With Aled on Sunday evenings with one taking a look at young prostitutes.

The programme will take in the major points of a working day for selected women, explain the story of how they came to be sex workers, cover how the sex industry is changing and look at how they cope with the difficulties and dangers of selling sex.

Joe Harland, Radio 1 executive producer, says: "Every week, our documentaries give Radio 1's young audience an insight into an intriguing musical world. These new programmes will also take the listener on a revealing journey, but to areas of extraordinary and sometimes intimidating areas of modern life that most people know little about."

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