Penk helps plan your funeral

Revolution Radio has teamed up with to help you consider what song will play at your funeral.

The quirky new feature is intended to help people address issues in the latter part of their lives in a positive and light-hearted way.

The potential for the idea was spotted by Revolution Station Director, John Evington, after he suffered a sudden family bereavement and responsibility for the funeral arrangements fell upon him.

John said: “I’d never given a moment’s thought to planning for my own brother’s passing and the prospect of getting the music at his funeral wrong was a particular worry. As it happened, though, I’m pretty confident that I chose a couple of tracks that he’d have approved of.

“I think is a fantastic idea because it makes everything so simple and straightforward for those left behind”.

Founder and Chief Executive of [link=][/link], Paul Hensby, says: “If mortality is communicated in a sombre way, people turn off, so we agreed a quirky approach was needed for the radio campaign to get across the purpose of the website in a light hearted way.

“Any station run by Steve Penk will find something funny in a situation and that was one of the key reasons we chose Revolution to test this approach.”

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