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5 Live introduces Men’s Hour

BBC Radio 5 Live is introducing a new programme just for men – Men's Hour – hosted by Tim Samuels.

Described by the BBC as a cheeky younger brother to the long-running Woman's Hour show, the six-part series will start on Sunday July 18th.

Tim says: "It's about capturing the spirit of when good mates sit around nowadays – amidst all the banter you can actually open up about what's on your mind without being ripped apart. We're celebrating modern man's mix of swagger and neurosis."

Regular features will include Questions You Daren't Ask Your Doctor and Midlife Music Crisis.

Another new addition to the weekend schedule is Chart The Week, a seven-part Sunday morning topical news series, hosted by Richard Bacon, from Sunday 18 July, 11am-12pm. Each week, Richard will be joined by a panel of special guests to dissect the 10 most talked about stories of the week.

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