Breeze leaves Portsmouth deal

Commentary of Portsmouth Football Club games will no longer air on 107.4 FM once The Quay re-brands as The Breeze this Sunday.

New owners Celador Radio Broadcasting said the costs far outweighs any income which could be generated from the deal.

Chairman, Paul Smith, commented, “It is deeply regrettable that we have been unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion to our negotiations to allow the continued and uninterrupted broadcasting of the football commentaries and associated programming for the benefit of the fans.

“Unfortunately the investment to acquire the rights and the associated technical and staffing costs of providing the live coverage plus weekday programming far outweighs any income likely to be generated from the initiative.

“Whilst we would have been prepared to break even or to even to make a small loss on this side of the business in order to meet the fans’ expectations, the deal offered to us is just not commercially viable,” he continued.

Since purchasing The Quay radio station out of administration on 12th July, Celador Radio Broadcasting has expressed its desire to negotiate with PFC on the football rights and ensure ongoing football coverage on air and online, with the existing staff, on its new station The Breeze, which goes live on air this Saturday 31st July 2010.

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