Davie defends call to axe 6

Tim Davie has defended his stance over 6 Music, saying the quality of programming on the digital station had never been in dispute.

The BBC's audio and music director also said there was now a "clear strategy going forward".

Blogging about the proposed closure of the station in March, Tim wrote: "Clearly we didn't arrive lightly at the decision to recommend the closure of 6 Music: It is distinctive, much loved and I too am passionate about its output.

"But I believe the best way for us to provide that kind of programming is by looking at other ways to find it a bigger audience.''

Today on the Media Show, he said: "Part of the strategy I had was to question whether we need a stand-alone service called 6 Music. I personally have never questioned the validity of us as BBC radio covering those music genres, I feel very passionately about it and I know people will have their eyebrows raised when I say that, but it's absolutely important that we do that.''

And his reaction to the BBC Trust rejecting plans to close the station? "I certainly think the public reaction has played a fundamental part in this, of course it has."

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