Dee’s Radio Rhino in Chester

Dee 106.3 is now broadcasting from a ‘Deeno’ the radio rhino in Chester city centre!

Deeno is part of the Rhino Mania Festival taking place across the city and is sponsored by Dee 106.3, who have implanted a radio receiver to broadcast the station.

The surgery to provide the addition to the rhino was performed by West Cheshire College.

Chief Executive Chris Hurst said: “It’s great to support this local initiative we’ve adopted a local artist, run naming competitions on-air, worked with the local college on open Rhino surgery and involved local schools. It’s what local radio is all about.”

Chris further went on to comment on recent developments in UK commercial radio: “Its sad that so many radio companies are turning their back on the local communities they serve. Never mind Rhino’s at this rate local radio will soon be extinct!

“I guess some companies don’t think local radio is sexy any more. We’re proving them wrong here at Dee 106.3 there can’t be any argument that in Chester local radio is very horny!!”

Rhino mania is a world class public art exhibition celebrating the work of local artists and helping raise funds for amongst others Chester Zoo and their international Black Rhino conservation project in Kenya and Tanzania.

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