Kelner back at Radio Leeds

Martin Kelner is back at BBC Radio Leeds for the third time in his career – this time on breakfast. The radio veteran started on the show this morning (Monday), along with new co-presenter Katherine Hannah who joins from BBC Tees.

Martin's a familiar voice on UK radio, having started his career at Radio Hallam in 1976. He went on to appear on stations including Radio Aire, Pennine Radio, Radio 2, the original Radio Five, Jazz FM and most BBC local radio stations in the North. He still regularly appears as a pundit on 5 Live and Radio 4 and writes a weekly column for The Guardian.

Of his move back to BBC Radio Leeds, Martin tells us: "I'm more or less welded to the place now. I first moved to Leeds in 1981, all four of my children were born at St James's Hospital, and went to school in Leeds, so I've stuck around here even when I haven't had a radio show to go to.

"I've reached that stage in life where I have to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning anyway to attend to the ageing prostate, so I might as well go in and do a show.

"I think Katherine and I should be an entertaining mix – an attractive young woman, and a much, much older man, like on American TV."

32-year old Katherine's been a journalist at BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and BBC Tees, spending the latter part of her time at Tees presenting Drivetime and producing the breakfast show. She spent her teenage years growing up in West Yorkshire so sees it as a move 'home'.

She said: "I think of Leeds as my home city, so getting the chance to co-present the breakfast show for Radio Leeds is an exciting challlenge and a huge honour."

Assistant editor Andy Evans added: "Radio Leeds is all about first class journalism and being a quality radio station for West Yorkshire. Katherine is a Leeds lass who has been eyeing a move to the station for a long time and is delighted to be working in West Yorkshire. You can tell that she cares about the county deeply and that can only be a good thing for listeners. She will be joined by Martin, a broadcasting legend, who has in-depth knowledge and vast experience of the patch. Together these two will deliver cutting edge journalism with wit and humour."

Andrew Edwards – who's been on breakfast for 15 years at the station – is taking the summer off before returning with a new programme. He says: "It's been a real pleasure to wake up West Yorkshire since 1995. I've covered some fascinating stories and broadcast the show from across the county and other parts of the world too.

"I've announced the starts of wars and the deaths of royalty, broadcast from Broadway after running the New York marathon, Valencia as Leeds United reached the semi-finals of the Champions League and Durban, Leeds' twin city 20 years on from Live Aid.

"But it's the 'normal' mornings I'll remember most fondly, my radio wives (and husbands) and the calls, texts and emails from listeners. So, above all, a very big thanks for listening.

"I'm now looking forward to a lie-in after thousands and thousands of 3.30 alarm calls, and look forward to being back on BBC Radio Leeds with a daily show in the autumn."

Posted on Monday, July 26th, 2010 at 12:32 pm by RadioToday UK

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