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MacKenzie returns to radio

Well known media man and former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie is returning to radio for one week only, to cover James Whale on LBC 97.3.

MacKenzie was last active in the radio industry when he ran talkSPORT but was replaced in 2005 by Scott Taunton when UTV bought the station.

He'll be on-air Monday to Friday next week between 4pm and 7pm.

Kelvin MacKenzie said: "If Ferrari can get nominated for five Sonys and pick up a couple of Arqivas, then I thought this must be easy! I’ve always been a fan of LBC and I genuinely look forward to being part of London’s biggest conversation.”

LBC 97.3’s Programme Director Jonathan Richards said: “There are some people in life you just can’t ignore, love him or hate him Kelvin mixes humour and humility to bring huge insight and colourful comment every time he speaks. I think we’re in for five days of compelling conversation.”

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